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 It was my intention to advertise a newsletter about astronomy, i.e. the supernova and the expansion of the Universe, but the topic is too complex and needs some introductory information. So as an intermezzo, I have written this text which sums up some information about different fields of exact sciences: electromagnetism, quantum theory, nuclear chemistry, spectroscopy, blackbody radiation, astronomy, geology, etc.

This article is mainly a short presentation of a series of postulates related to physics and chemistry. These postulates are going to be further detailed, exemplified and analyzed in future newsletters. It is going to be a future task to establish how many imbecilities in present day science are ruled out by this newsletter.

As far the entire scientific community is indoctrinated with some incomplete or absurd ideas about the way electromagnetic waves and photons are produced, the first and second sections are going to be a bit shocking.

It is a physical reality that elementary particles, in certain conditions, can produce electromagnetic waves (Radio, microwave, teraherz) or photons (IR, Vis, UV, Xray, gamma) and the new proposed theory does not contest such things.

Yet, in a lot of cases, electromagnetic waves and photons are generated by neutral (common) matter and therefore the new proposed theory expands the frame of possibilities when such phenomena appear.

Postulate no.1: Neutral (common) matter, in certain conditions, can emit electromagnetic waves (radio, microwave, terraherz).

Postulate no. 2: Neutral (common) matter can emit in certain conditions photons in various domains of energies (infrared, visible, ultraviolet, X-ray and possible gamma ray).

The following example are analyzed: Electron Spin Resonance, Nuclear magnetic resonance, Emission from neutral atoms or molecular species in cosmic space, Solar wind and planets magnetic field interaction, Photons emission by a piece of heated ceramic or glass.

A postulate formulated previously for electromagnetism and its implications for astronomy are analyzed in section 3.

Postulate no. 3: A gas, ionized or not, cannot generate a macroscopic magnetic field.

A simple consequence (corollary) of this postulate is evident even for laymen: The present accepted gaseous star model has to be ruled out.

Further on there are some sections which shows how different fields of science are related to astronomy; by making order in these fields of science, the absurdities in astronomy are going to be ruled out too…

Here is a list with the discussed postulates in the sections 4 up to 9:

Postulate no. 4: No layered structure with different chemical composition is possible in case of a star.

Coronary 1: If such a star is going to exist, in this case no convection cells are possible.

Coronary 2: If such a star is going to exist, such object changes its magnetic field dramatically depending on the comportment of iron nucleus.

Corolary 3. If such a star is going to exist, no differential motion is possible for it.

Postulate no. 5: Free elementary particles cannot associate in pairs and increase the stability of a physical system.

Corolary: Non orbital electrons, irrespective of their arrangement, cannot increase the stability of a physical system.

Corollary: It is impossible for neutrons to associate together and form stable states of mater.

Postulate no. 6: Degenerate states of matter cannot be created by gravitational force or by so called electric (electromagnetic) force. Nuclear processes maybe, but we cannot understand and manipulate these processes yet…

Postulate no. 7: It is impossible to have nuclear reactions at the surface of a star.

Postulate no. 8: It is impossible to have matter accreted as gas or plasma.

Corollary 1: An accretion disk cannot be constituted by gas or plasma.

Corollary 2: A gravitational force, irrespective of its intensity, is never going to impose to a gas a circular motion similar to what is happening in case of a solid body.

Postulate no. 9: Thermalization of large amounts of gamma ray photons cannot be made in the accepted specific conditions of a supernova explosion.

Experimental part cannot be neglected so two important experiments are proposed.

One is dedicated to pulsars and shows how the lighthouse model can be dismissed. The experiment is a bit expensive because it supposes to put a photonic telescope on Mars or on a dwarf planet. Besides ruling out the light house model for pulsars, the experiment is going to bring a lot of other collateral advantages for astronomy.

Another very important experiment is dedicated to Heisenberg incertitude relations.

The experimental set up shows that one can in principle measure with any precision the momentum and the position of an elementary particle.

When someone thinks about quantum mechanics, the first idea which comes into mind is about microcosms and what is happening at atomic scale. Historically speaking, the first important application of quantum mechanics was in astronomy when the degenerate states of matter were advanced.

There is going to be a detailed discussion about these degenerate states of matter in the following newsletter dedicated to supernova ….

In the previous newsletter about pulsars, I forgot to present the case where positrons and electrons are emitted by pulsars and a section was dedicated to this analysis.

There is a section dedicated to the supporters/criticizers opinion and here I present a kind of Resumé from Dr. Paul LaViolette about the previous newsletter, i.e. Pulsars.

The last section is dedicated to the new proposed theory and implications for society.

There are more then two decades from the starting point of this theory and it is a pity that all the organizations and institutions we have created in the so called democratic world have either ignored it or tried to do everything possible to push it under the carpet.

Apparently, we have built a democratic world without any accountability.

The first article from this theory should have been published in a scientific journal around 1995, when I was still a student. Unfortunately no scientific journal of that time was interested to publish a revolutionary view of gravitation theory ….and at this moment no one think that someone is going to be considered liable for the consequences.

The same things repeated year after year between 1995 and 2015 with articles from other fields of sciences: atomic physics, optics, electromagnetism, chemistry, relativity, astronomy, etc.

From 2014 an advertisement campaign have been started to promote this new theory of exact science and in short time the results are going to be visible …..

There are still a couple of newsletters in the astronomy field to be written and advertised and after that no astronomer will dare to pop up publicly with the accepted imbecilities popularized everywhere….

By the end of the year there is going to be a change of topics toward more domestic things and of course demonstrating the new combustible materials and new modalities of producing electrical energy are going to be a priority.

A helping hand would be necessary, so maybe some underdeveloped countries are interested to make a real leap in their economy and write a page of history too…..

Individuals or organizations interested in financing a startup company with accent on sustainable development are also welcomed!

There are still some people who think that fame and money can buy them a future, but this is only their personal infatuation.….

The Noble foundation and their prizes are going to disappear from the scene in the near future. How could they come and prize some topics in the new proposed theory with millions of US $ when they were not willing to support it with a few thousands Euro?

The scientific research at local and at general level needs to be completely reorganized.

Some big universities ranked in top 100 at this moment are going to have serious difficulties in getting a license; some of them are going to disappear from the scene too.

Their leaders are so shortsighted that they are not able to see that the game is over …..

The only thing which has to be clarified is who is going to be made liable for the astronomical amount of money spent on nothing and for the wrong formation of generation after generation of pupils and students.

Any license implies some accountability conditions, but these are merely details….

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From the European universities I spotted this ,,comportment” in case of Oxford university, because the same newsletter has zero readers from and hundreds of readers from other temporary domains.

Please be aware that such comportment is going to have as consequence a consistent supplementary fee when the license is asked.

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